Equity Research and Innovation Center (ERIC)

The Equity Research and Innovation Center (ERIC) at Yale University has two overarching goals. The first goal is to develop and disseminate evidence-based models to narrow health and healthcare inequity gaps. The second goal is to provide research support infrastructure for Yale faculty and affiliated community-based organizations. ERIC is at the forefront of action-oriented health disparities research with direct implications for improving health and healthcare outcomes for historically vulnerable populations both domestic and global. 

In addition to facilitating a multipronged research agenda, ERIC serves as an important resource for physician-scientists across the Yale School of Medicine through support of their efforts to conduct research which successfully includes vulnerable and diverse populations, allowing a range of researchers to perform more socially and culturally representative research while enhancing their success in a competitive funding climate. 

ERIC builds upon the local, national, and global experience & expertise of Dr. Nunez-Smith and a team of over fifty dedicated faculty and staff across numerous institutions and portfolio projects.

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